Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hymn for Prime in Easter: London, British Library, Cotton Vespasian D. xii

Milfull: appointed for Easter Sunday at Prime.


TE, LUCIS AUCTOR, personent
huius caterve carmina,
quam tu replesti gratia
anastasi potentia.

Nobis dies hec innuit
diem supremum sistere
quo mortuos resurgere
viteque fas sit reddere.

Octava prima redditur,
dum mors abunda tollitur,
dum mente circumcidimur
novique demum nascimur,

cum mane nostrum cernimus
redisse victis hostibus
mundique luxum tempnimus,
panem salutis sumimus.

Hec alma sit sollempnitas,
sit clara hec festivitas,
sit feriata gaudiis;
dies reducta ab inferis.

Gloria tibi domine

The hymns of this band acclaim you, Creator of light, whom you fill with grace by the power of the resurrection. This day signals to us that a final day will come, when divine law dictates that the dead shall rise and be returned to life. The eighth day will be made the first, when endless death is taken away, when we are circumcised in soul and born anew. When we discern that our morning has returned after the victory over our enemies, we will hold in contempt the luxury of the world, and receive the bread of salvation. May this solemnity be nourishing, this feast be bright, may it be observed with joys, as day is returned from hell.

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