Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Latin-English hymn for Our Lady of Guadalupe

Reproduced by permission of the author: Fr. Dylan Schrader 2011, 2014: this is not an official liturgical hymn but we can hope that it might appear in the revised LH.  It is taken from the very fine hymnal: Hymnal for the Hours by Fr. Samuel F. Webster, OSB, which can be purchased here:

A number of other verse translations of Latin hymns by Fr. Schrader can be found here:


Lauds & Vespers:

Amicta veste siderum
inclinat caput Domina,
serpentis autem conterens,
dum parit Virgo Filium,

Quem vates olim Incliti
declaraverunt gentium
venturrzzn esse divinitus
cunctarum in remedium.

lam sentiant et avia
adesse Matrem propriam,
omnesque Deo immolent
ubique ratam hostiam.

o sancta Dei Genetrix,
defende nos ab hostibus,
perducas nos ad patriam,
quam Dominus promissus est.

Maria: Nato gloria,
qui omnes regit populos,
cum Patre et almo Spiritu
per saeculorum saecula. Amen.

This Woman in bright stars arrayed
Inclines her head: "Let it be done!"
She treads the serpent underfoot,
And, yet a Virgin, bears a Son.

The mighty prophets from of old
Told of her Son's most wondrous birth
Who by his pow'r divine would come
To save all nations of the earth.

So now let barren lands behold
Their own true Mother drawing near,
And let the people sacrifice
To God an offering sincere.

O holy Mother of the Lord,
Defend us from the foe, we pray,
And lead us to the native land,
Which God has promised us one day.

To God the Father, glory be,
And glory be to Mary's Son,
Who, with the Spirit, rules all lands
Forever while the ages run. Amen.

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