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St. Peter Damian described Hildebrand, Pope Gregory VII, as his "Holy Satan" because he prevented St. Peter from living the ascetical life: plus domino papae quam domno pareo papae: 'I am more obedient to the Lord of the pope than to the lord pope." 

Office of Readings:  St. Peter Damian

Vírginis virgo veneránde custos,
præco qui Verbi cóleris fidélis,
terge servórum fácinus tuórum,
  sancte Ioánnes.

Fonte prorúmpens flúvius perénni
curris, aréntis satiátor orbis;
hausit ex pleno, modo quod propínat,
  péctore pectus.

Tu, decus mundi iubar atque cæli,
ímpetra nostris véniam ruínis;
da sacraméntum penetráre summum,
  quod docuísti.

Patris arcánum speculándo Verbum
grátiam fundis fídei per orbem;
nos ad ætérnam spéciem fruéndam,
  dux bone, transfer.

Sit decus summo sine fine Christo,
sancta quem virgo génuit María,
qui Patri compar Flaminíque Sancto
  regnat in ævum. Amen.

Venerable Virgin, Guardian of the Virgin, you are honored as the faithful  herald of the Word, purge the wickedness of your servants, holy John. As a river breaking forth from a perennial spring you run to satisfy a thirsty world;  Your heart  draws from the heart of Christ the waters, which you now pour out. You, the ray of light shining upon earth and heaven, pray pardon for our ruined souls; grant that we pay penetrate the highest mystery which you taught. In meditating on the hidden Word of the Father you pour out upon the world the grace of faith: O good leader, grant we may enjoy everlasting beauty. Honor unending be to the most high Christ, born of the holy Virgin Mary, who equal to the Father and Holy Spirit, reigns for ever. Amen.

Lauds: Carolus Rosa: 18th Century

Cohors beáta Séraphim
quem Christus arcte díligit
laudet, chorúsque cánticis
noster resúltet æmulis.

Hic discit, almus édocet
hic unde Verbum pródeat,
sinúmque matris ímpleat,
sinum Patris non déserens.

Felix Ioánnes, déligit
et te Magíster próvidus,
ut clara Thabor lúmina
hortíque cernas tædia.

Tu, raptus in sublímia,
arcána cæli cónspicis,
Agni sed et mystéria
Ecclesiæque pércipis.

O digne fili Vírgine,
succéssor alti nóminis,
nos adde Matri fílios,
nos conde Christi in péctore.

Verbo sit ingens glória,
caro quod est et créditur,
cum Patre et almo Spíritu
in sempitérna sæcula. Amen.

May the blessed company of Seraphim praise him whom Christ loved so strongly, and our choir too resound with the same songs. This man learned and lovingly taught the Word going forth, filled by his mother’s breast without abandoning the Father’s bosom. O Blessed John, the providential Master chose you to see both the bright light of Mt. Tabor and the suffering of the garden.  Caught up into the heights you revealed the secrets of heaven, but also you grasped the mysteries of the Lamb and the Church. O worthy son of the Virgin, inheriting the most sublime name,  add us as sons of your Mother, treasured in the heart of Christ. To the mighty Word be glory, confessed to have been made flesh, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, through endless ages. Amen.

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