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Advent: December 17th-24th:

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from the Gothic Breviary

Magnis prophétæ vócibus
veníre Christum núntiant,
lætæ salútis prævia,
qua nos redémit, grátia.

Hinc mane nostrum prómicat
et corda læta exæstuant,
cum vox fidélis pérsonat
prænuntiátrix glóriæ.

Advéntus hic primus fuit,
puníre quo non sæculum
venit, sed ulcus térgere,
salvándo quod períerat.

At nos secúndus præmonet
adésse Christum iánuis,
sanctis corónas réddere
cælíque regna pándere.

Ætérna lux promíttitur
sidúsque salvans prómitur;
iam nos iubar præfúlgidum
ad ius vocat cæléstium.

Te, Christe, solum quærimus
vidére, sicut es Deus,
ut perpes hæc sit vísio
perénne laudis cánticum. Amen.

With mighty voices the prophets proclaim that Christ is coming, the preceding grace of our glad salvation by which he redeemed us. Wherefore our morning sparkles and hearts grow warm with joy, when the faithful voice sounds, the forerunner of glory. That first Advent he came not to punish the world but to wipe away tears by saving what was perishing. But the second coming warns that Christ is at the door to reward the saints with crowns and open the kingdom of heaven. Eternal light is promised and a saving star foretold, now a brightly shining ray of heaven calls us to judgement.  You, O Christ, alone we seek to see as God that this never-ending  vision may be sung with eternal praises. Amen.

Office of Readings: St. Ambrose
Walpole: 'this hymn is more widely  attested than that of any other of Ambrose's.". The first stanza of the original is taken from Ps. LXXIX, subsequently deleted.  

Veni, redémptor géntium,
osténde partum Vírginis;
mirétur omne sæculum:
talis decet partus Deum.

Non ex viríli sémine,
sed mýstico spirámine
Verbum Dei factum est caro
fructúsque ventris flóruit.

Alvus tuméscit Vírginis,
claustrum pudóris pérmanet,
vexílla virtútum micant,
versátur in templo Deus.

Procédat e thálamo suo,
pudóris aula régia,
géminæ gigas substántiæ
alácris ut currat viam.

Æquális ætérno Patri,
carnis tropæo cíngere,
infírma nostri córporis
virtúte firmans pérpeti.

Præsépe iam fulget tuum
luménque nox spirat novum,
quod nulla nox intérpolet
fidéque iugi lúceat.

Come, O Redeemer of the nations, reveal your virgin birth; all the world marvels that such a birth befits God. No from the seed of man but from mystical breath the Word of God was made flesh and the fruit of the womb flourished. The Virgin’s womb grows large, the enclosure remains pure, the banners of the virtues shine, God enters his temple. He goes forth from the wedding chamber, the royal halls of modesty, a hero of twofold substance, he swiftly runs his course. Equal to the eternal Father, girded with the trophy of the flesh,  strengthening the weakness of our bodies with infinite power. Even now your manger shines and night breathes a new light, which no night may interrupt,
and shines with the highest faith.

Vespers: 10th Century
Before 11th Century

Verbum salútis ómnium,
Patris ab ore pródiens,
Virgo beáta, súscipe
casto, María, víscere.

Te nunc illústrat cælitus
umbra fecúndi Spíritus,
gestes ut Christum Dóminum,
æquálem Patri Fílium.

Hæc est sacráti iánua
templi seráta iúgiter,
soli suprémo Príncipi
pandens beáta límina.

Olim promíssus vátibus,
natus ante lucíferum,
quem Gábriel annúntiat,
terris descéndit Dóminus.

Læténtur simul ángeli,
omnes exsúltent pópuli:
excélsus venit húmilis
salváre quod períerat.

The Word of the salvation of all, proceeding from the mouth of the Father, receive, O blessed Virgin Mary, in your chaste womb. Now the heavenly, fertile Spirit has overshadowed you with light that you might give birth to Christ the Lord, to the Son equal to  the Father.  This gate of the holy temple, long closed, now its blessed threshold is opened by the only supreme Ruler. Once promised through the prophets, born before the morning star, Gabriel announced, the Lord who descends to earth.  Let angels rejoice together, all the people exult; the Most High comes in humility to save that which has been lost.

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