Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hymn for Common of Doctors: Paris Breviary

This hymn was used as the hymn for Lauds in the Common of Doctors in the Paris Breviary (1736).

Vos succensa Deo splendida lumina,
Vos sal, nos homines quo sapimus Deum;
Ævum, puri animo, moribus integri,
Quo condimur in alterum.

Per vos Relligio, tutaque Veritas
Per vos virgineis fulget honoribus:
Per vos Christus amat pandere divites
Thesauros sapientiæ.

Vestris unda fluit pura canalibus;
Christi floret ager; munda nitet seges:
Lac aptum pueris, et solidum viris
Cauti sufficitis cibum.

Hi sunt, summe Deus, qui tibi militant;
Hi sunt, qui stabiles ædificant domos:
Una docta cohors arma tenet manu,
Muros construit altera.

Vicistis stygias vos quibus hæreses,
Hæc nos accipimus tela superstites:
His pugnamus adhuc, nec dubio exitu;
His armis quoque vincimus.

*Sit suprema tibi gloria, Veritas,
Quæ per scripta Patrum, quando foris sonas,
Nullo vocis egens corda doces, sono,
Et te mentibus inseris. Amen.

*this closing doxology is absent from the Fr. de Santeul’s text in his 1689 edition of Hymni Sacri et Novi. Words: Fr. Jean-Baptiste de Santeul, 17th C.

I do not know the source or translator of this English translation but I found it pasted into an old  Anglican Monastic Diurnal. 

YE God-enkindled lights, how fair and bright ye shine!
Ye are the salt of earth, of savour most divine;
The lives of men ye keep from all corruption free,
That they may live eternally.

By you, the truth, preserved from error, still remains,
By you, the virgin faith her purity retains,
By you, the Lord delights the treasures to unfold
Of heavenly wisdom manifold.

Ye sacred brooks, where flow the living waters clear,
Christ's field ye well bedew, hence plenteous crops appear,
And ye have milk for babes, for men more solid meat;
To all ye give enough to eat.

O Everlasting Truth, in thee do we rejoice;
Though now our outward ears may not perceive thy voice,
Still in thy Doctors' speech thy teachings we discern,
And thus of thee our spirits learn. Amen.

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