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St. Robert Bellarmine: Common of Pastors: for a bishop

Common of Pastors: for a bishop

Lauds: Orderic Vitalis (1075 – c.1142)

Inclitus rector pater atque prudens,
cuius insígnem cólimus triúmphum,
iste conféssor sine fine lætus
  regnat in astris.

Qui sacerdótis, ducis ac magístri
munus insúmpsit pópulis sacrátum,
præsul et vitæ sápiens parávit
  dona beátæ.

Nunc eum nisu rogitémus omnes,
ábluat nostrum pius ut reátum,
et sua ducat prece nos ad alta
  cúlmina cæli.

Sit Deo soli decus et potéstas,
laus in excélsis, honor ac perénnis,
qui suis totum móderans gubérnat
  légibus orbem. Amen.

Great ruler and wise father, whose distinguished triumph we celebrate, this confessor rejoicing without end rules among the stars. Who for the people received the sacred office of priest, ruler, and teacher: a wise prelate who manifested the gifts of a blessed life. Now with all our strength let us  all ask him that in his holiness to absolve our guilt and by his prayer lead us to the heights of heaven. Dignity and power to God alone and eternal praise and honor in the highest, who directs and governs the whole world by his laws. Amen

Office of Readings 15th Century

Christe, pastórum caput atque princeps,
géstiens huius celebráre festum,
débitas sacro pia turba psallit
  cármine laudes,

Strénuum bello púgilem supérni
chrísmatis pleno tuus unxit intus
Spíritus dono, posuítque sanctam
  páscere gentem.

Hic gregis ductor fuit atque forma,
lux erat cæco, mísero levámen,
próvidus cunctis pater omnibúsque
  ómnia factus.

Christe, qui sanctis méritam corónam
reddis in cælis, dócili magístrum
fac sequi vita, similíque tandem
  fine potíri.
Æqua laus summum célebret Paréntem
teque, Salvátor, pie rex, per ævum;
Spíritus Sancti résonet per omnem
  glória mundum. Amen.

O Christ, Head and Prince of pastors, eager to celebrate the feast of this pastor, the holy band sings due praise with a holy hymn.  Your bishop was anointed within by the gift of the Spirit’s grace from above as a strong fighter in the harsh battle and appointed to feed your holy people. He was the leader of the flock and example for it, a light to the blind, relief to the wretched, a watchful father in all things and doing all things for all his people. O Christ, who rewards the saints in heaven with a merited crown, make us follow this teacher in an obedient life and at last reach the same end. May equal praise celebrate the highest Father and thee, O Savior, though the age; May the glory of the Holy  Spirit resound throughout the whole world. Amen.

Vespers New: Dom Anselmo?

Vir celse, forma fúlgida
virtútis, hymnum súscipe,
qui iure dum te prædicat,
Dei canit magnália.
Qui sempitérnus Póntifex
stirpem Deo mortálium
revínxit, atque réddidit
paci novo nos fœdere,

Te fecit ipse próvidus
sui minístrum múneris,
Patri datúrum glóriam
eiúsque vitam plébibus.

Virtúte factus dítior
te consecrántis Spíritus,
præsul, salútis pínguia
tu tradidísti pábula.

Locátus in cæléstibus,
sanctæ meménto Ecclésiæ,
oves ut omnes páscua
Christi petant felícia.

Sit Trinitáti glória,
quæ sancti honóris múnia
tibi minístro sédulo
dignis corónat gáudiis. Amen.

Noble man, shining image of virtue, receive the hymn, which while it rightly proclaims you sings the wonders of God. The eternal Pontiff united the race of men with God and gave us the new covenant of peace.  Providently he made you a minister of his gift, that glory be given to the Father and life to his People. The Spirit of consecration made you richer in virtue, O Prelate, and so you handed over to the people the abundant food of salvation. Now in heaven, remember the holy Church that all the sheep may seek the happy pastures of Christ. Glory to the Trinity, who gave to you, a faithful minister, the gift of the honor of a saint and crowned you with deserved joys. Amen

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Ad Officium lectionis & ad Vesperas: novus

Læti coléntes fámulum
qui te perfécte cóluit,
tibi gratánter, Dómine,
amóris hymnum prómimus.

Christi fidélis assecla,
ultro relíquit gáudia
cuncta quæ mundus éxhibet
fugáces atque cópias.

Tibi se vovit súbditum
humilitáte obœdiens,
Christi, carnis mundítie,
sponsi æmulátor vírginum.

Tibi placére géstiit
tibíque adhæsit únice,
mentem, verba vel ópera
amóris fovens ígnibus.

His caritátis vínculis
in terris tibi déditus,
liber ad astra iúgiter
triumphatúrus pródiit.

Eius exémplis éxcitos
da gradi nos alácriter,
ut te cum Nato et Spíritu
laudémus hymnis cælicis. Amen.

Joyfully we honor your servant, who honored you perfectly, O Lord, to you we gratefully offer a hymn of love. A faithful follower of Christ,  he freely renounced all joys which the world can give and its fleeting wealth. He vowed submission to you, humbly obedient, in chastity of flesh he imitated Christ the spouse of virgins. Eager to please you, he clung to you only, fostering mind, words and deeds with the fire of love. Through these bonds of love he dedicated himself to you on earth,  unencumbered he went on perpetually to triumph among the stars. Grant that we, aroused by his example step forward quickly that we may with heavenly hymns praise you with the Son and Spirit. Amen.

Ad Laudes matutinas: novus

O redemptóris píetas colénda,
quæ Patri exóptans hómines dicári,
Spíritus miro varióque ducis
  péctora nutu!

Quos tua lympha facis esse natos
ex Deo vero, nova vis in illis
grátiam crebro dare caritátis
  gérmina, Christe.

Tu vocas: currunt álacres vocáti,
ábdicant cunctis, duce te voléntes,
calle regáli crucis, usque solum
  quærere Patrem.

Cælitus fervens ita sanctus iste
víribus totis tibi amánter hæsit,
atque virtútum cúpiit tenére
  cúlmina læta.

Laus Patri summo, tibi, Christe princeps,
Flámini Sancto párilis resúltet,
parva qui danti, bona corde magno
  céntupla fertis. Amen.

O worthy love of the Redeemer, which desires that men be called to the Father, you lead them in the wondrous and varied ways of the Spirit, by beckoning the heart.  Those whom you have made sons of the true God by your baptismal waters, who often wish to give to them grace by new seeds of love, O Christ. You call and those called run quickly,  leaving everything behind, taking you as their leader, on the royal road of the cross, to seek the Father alone. On fire for heaven, so this saint lovingly adhered to you with all his might and desired to grasp the happy pinnacle of the virtues. May praise resound to the highest Father and to you, O princely Christ,  equally to the fiery Spirit, who grants to the poor of a pure heart to bring forth goods a hundredfold. Amen.


Office of Readings: Novus

Qui vivis ante sæcula
vitæque fons es únicus,
nos, Deus, morti obnóxios
culpæque reos áspice.

Peccánti, Pater, hómini
pœnam sanxísti intéritum,
ut, pulvis datus púlveri,
se súbderet piáculum.

Vitále sed spiráculum
quod indidísti próvidus,
æternitátis pérmanet
germen immarcescíbile.

Hæc spes, hoc est solácium:
revirescémus, Dómine,
primúsque resurgéntium
ad te nos Christus rápiet.

Pro pluribus:

Hoc vitæ regno pérfrui
da fratres in te mórtuos,
quos Christi fides ímbuit,
quos almus unxit Spíritus.

Pro uno:

Hoc vitæ regno pérfrui
defúnctam præsta fámulam,
quam Christi fides ímbuit,
quam almus unxit Spíritus.

Hoc regnum nobis própera
e terris cum cessérimus,
ut concinámus ómnium
te finem, te princípium. Amen.

O God, you exist before the ages, the only source of life: behold us guilty and subject to the death of sin. O Father, you sentenced sinful man to the penalty of death that dust returned to dust might atone for crime.  But the living breath which you providentially bestowed upon man abides permanently as an incorruptible seed.  This is our hope; this is our consolation that we will be raised and Christ the Lord, the first born of those who rise, will seize us and take us to you.  (For several departed): Grant that our departed brothers, whom  faith in Christ filled and the Holy Spirit anointed,  may enjoy this kingdom of life. (For one departed):  Grant that our departed brother, whom  faith in Christ filled and the Holy Spirit anointed, may enjoy this kingdom of life. When we pass away from earth grant us this kingdom that we may sing to you, the end and beginning of all things. Amen.

 At Lauds: Novus

Spes, Christe, nostræ véniæ,
tu vita, resurréctio;
ad te sunt corda et óculi
cum mortis dolor íngruit.

Tu quoque mortis tædia
passus dirósque stímulos,
Patri, inclináto cápite,
mitis dedísti spíritum.

Vere nostros excípiens
languóres, pastor míserens,
tecum donásti cómpati
Patrísque in sinu cómmori.

Apértis pendens brácchiis,
in cor transfíxum pértrahis
quos moritúros ággravat
morbus vel mæror ánxius

Qui portis fractis ínferi
victor pandísti cælicas,
nos nunc doléntes érige,
post óbitum vivífica.

Sed et qui frater córpore
nunc dormit pacis réquie,
iam te beánte vígilet
tibíque laudes réferat. Amen.

Sed et qui fratres córpore
nunc somno pacis dórmiunt,
iam te beánte vígilent
tibíque laudes réferant. Amen.

O Christ, the hope of our pardon, You are the life and resurrection, hearts and eyes are set upon you, when the sorrow of death finds us. You also suffered the grief, the harsh pangs of death, when with bowed head you gently commended  your spirit to the Father.  Truly you took our sorrows, merciful Shepherd, and granted that we might share with you the comfort of the Father’s bosom. With open and outstretched arms you take to your wounded heart those weighted down by death, the sick and those anxious with sorrow.  You, the Conqueror, when the gates of hell were broken, opened heaven; now raise up the sorrowful and give us life after death. (for one departed): Also may the  brother, who now bodily sleeps in the rest of peace, watch for the blessed vision of you and offer you praise. Amen. (for several departed): Also may the  brothers, who now bodily sleep in the rest of peace, watch for the blessed vision of you and offer you praise. Amen.

At Terce, Sext, None: Novus

Qui lacrimátus Lázarum
geménsque cum soróribus,
ipsum fecísti præpotens
illárum reddi stúdiis:

Qui petivísti sóntibus
benígnus indulgéntiam,
ac verba miserántia
dixísti pœnæ sócio:

Qui, móriens, discípulo
matrem donásti Vírginem,
tuórum quæ fidélium
agóni adésset último:

Da nobis, Christe Dómine,
tuo redémptis sánguine,
duræ mortis tristítiam
in vitæ verti gáudium.

Tuósque voca fámulos,
ex hoc proféctos sæculo,
ut ubi mors iam déerit
te vitæ canant príncipem. Amen.

You, who wept for Lazarus and mourned with his sisters, powerfully returned him to his eager sisters. You who mercifully sought forgiveness for the guilty and spoke merciful words to the one who shared your punishment:  As you were dying you gave the Virgin Mother to the disciple, she who comes to the aid of your faithful in their final agony: Grant to us, redeemed by your blood, Lord Christ, sadness in the bitterness of death, turned to  happiness in life. Call your departed servants from this world that when death takes them they may sing to you, the Ruler of Life. Amen.


Imménsæ rex poténtiæ,
Christe, tu Patris glóriam
nostrúmque decus móliens,
mortis fregísti iácula.

Infírma nostra súbiens
magnúmque petens prœlium,
mortem qua serpens vícerat,
victor calcásti móriens.

Surgens fortis e túmulo,
pascháli nos mystério
peccáto rursus mórtuos
ad vitam semper ínnovas.

Vitam largíre grátiæ,
ut, sponsus cum redíeris,
ornáta nos cum lámpade
iam promptos cælo invénias.

In lucem nos et réquiem
serénus iudex áccipe,
quos fides sanctæ Tríadi
devínxit atque cáritas.

Pro uno:

Tuúmque voca fámulum,
qui nunc exútus córpore
in regna Patris ínhiat,
ut te colláudet pérpetim. Amen.

Pro pluribus:

Fratres et omnes ádvoca,
qui nunc exúti córpore
in regna Patris ínhiant,
ut te colláudent pérpetim. Amen.

O King of great power, Christ, fighting  for the glory of the Father and our own honor,  you broke the darts of death.  Submitting to our weakness and searching out the great battle, you, a dying conqueror,  crushed the death the serpent had won. Rising valiantly from the tomb by the paschal mystery you restored  us to eternal life, who are dead through sin. Increase the life of grace that when you, the bridegroom, return, you will find us with lighted lamps ready for heaven. Peaceful Judge, receive us in light and rest, we, whom faith and love of the Trinity have conquered.  (
Pro uno:) Call thy servant, now delivered from the body who longs for the kingdom of the Father that he might praise you forever. (Pro pluribus:) Call all our brothers, now delivered from the body who long for the kingdom of the Father that they might praise you forever. Amen.