Friday, February 1, 2019


From the Golden Legend

Hanc in honore pio

Candelam porto Mariae.

Accipe per ceram

Carnem de Virgine veram,

Per lumen numen

Majestatis que cacumen.

Lychnus est anima

Carne latens praeopima.

This candle I carry in honor of holy Mary.

Take the wax for the true body born of the Virgin.

Take the light for God and his supreme majesty.

Take the wick for the soul concealed in the fat flesh.

Ad Officium lectionis & Ad Vesperas: Paulinus II aquileiensis?

Quod chorus vatum venerándus olim
Spíritu Sancto cécinit replétus,
in Dei factum genetríce constat
  esse María.

Hæc Deum cæli Dominúmque terræ
virgo concépit peperítque virgo,
atque post partum méruit manére

Quem senex iustus Símeon in ulnis
in domo sumpsit Dómini, gavísus
ob quod optátum próprio vidéret
  lúmine Christum.

Tu libens votis, pétimus, precántum,
regis ætérni génetrix, favéto,
clara quæ fundis Géniti benígni
  múnera lucis.

Christe, qui lumen Patris es supérni,
qui Patris nobis réseras profúnda,
nos fac ætérnæ tibi ferre laudes
  lucis in aula. Amen.

What once the worshipful choir of the prophets sang filled with the Holy Spirit, is accomplished in Mary the Mother of God. A Virgin conceived and a Virgin gave birth to the God of heaven and the Lord of earth and she was deemed worthy to remain inviolate after birth.  The righteous old man took the Child into his arms and entered the Lord’s house, joyously he saw with his own eyes the Christ he had desired to see. We ask you, O Mother of the eternal King, honor our petitions, you who pour out the shining gifts of your kind Son. O Christ, who are the light of your heavenly Father, who open to us the depths of the Father, grant that we may offer you endless praise in the courts of light. Amen.

Ad Laudes matutinas: Petrus Abelardus

Adórna, Sion, thálamum,
quæ præstoláris Dóminum;
sponsum et sponsam súscipe
vigil fídei lúmine.

Beáte senex, própera,
promíssa comple gáudia
et revelándum géntibus
revéla lumen ómnibus.

Paréntes Christum déferunt,
in templo templum ófferunt;
legi parére vóluit
qui legi nihil débuit.

Offer, beáta, párvulum,
tuum et Patris únicum;
offer per quem offérimur,
prétium quo redímimur.

Procéde, virgo régia,
profer Natum cum hóstia;
monet omnes ad gáudium
qui venit salus ómnium.

Iesu, tibi sit glória,
qui te revélas géntibus,
cum Patre et almo Spíritu,
in sempitérna sæcula. Amen.

Adorn, O Sion, the wedding chamber, you who await the Lord: receive the groom and the bride, watch by the lamp of faith. Blessed elder, make haste, fulfill the joy promised you, reveal the light to enlighten all the gentiles.  The parents bring Christ to offer the temple in the temple; he, who has no debt to the law, desires to obey the law. Offer, O blessed Lady, your Child and the father’s Only-begotten; offer him through whom we are offered the price which redeems us. Ride on, O royal Virgin, offer your Son with the required sacrifice; He, who comes as the salvation of all, admonishes all men to rejoice. O Jesus, to you be glory, you who revealed yourself to the Gentiles, with the Father and loving Spirit for eternal ages. Amen.

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