Sunday, February 10, 2019

Our Lady of Lourdes

Texts and Translation from Joseph Connelly, Hymns of the Roman Liturgy

Matins/Office of Readings

Te dicimus præconio,
Intacta Mater Numinis,
Nostris benigna laudibus
Tuam repende gratiam.

Sontes Adami posteri
Infecta proles gignimur;
Labis paternæ nescia
Tu sola, Virgo, crederis.

Caput draconis invidi
Tu conteris vestigio,
Et sola gloriam refers
Intaminatæ originis.

O gentis humanæ decus
Quæ tollis Hevæ opprobrium
Tu nos tuere supplices,
Tu nos labantes erige.

Serpentis antiqui potens
Astus retunde et impetus,
Ut cælitum perennibus
Per te fruamur gaudiis.

Iesu, tibi sit gloria
Qui natus es de Virgine,
Cum Patre, et almo Spiritu
In sempiterna sæcula.

We sing of you, sinless mother of God, in words of praise. In gracious acknowledgement of them, show us your favor in return. We, Adam's guilty race, are from birth a sin-infected people, while you alone—this is our faith—are free from Adam's sin. You crush under your heel the envious serpent's head, and none but you can point to the distinction of a sinless descent. You are the glory of mankind and take away Eve's reproach. Guard us who pray to you and give us courage when we falter. Since you are powerful, blunt the old serpent's crafty deceits and open attacks so that through you we may enjoy the eternal joys of the blessed.


Aurora soli prævia,
Felix salutis nuntia,
In noctis umbra plebs tua
Te, Virgo, supplex invocat.

Torrens nefastis fluctibus
Cunctos trahens voragine,
Leni residit æquore
Cum transit Arca fœderis.

Dum torret arescens humus,
Tu rore sola spargeris;
Tellure circum rorida,
Intacta sola permanes.

Fatale virus evomens
Attollit anguis verticem;
At tu draconis turgidum
Invicta conteris caput.

Mater benigna, respice
Fletus precesque supplicum,
Et dimicantes tartari
Victrix tuere ab hostibus.

Iesu, tibi sit gloria,
Qui natus es de Virgine,
Cum Patre, et almo Spiritu,
In sempiterna sæcula. Amen.

To you, Virgin, does your people, surrounded by the darkness of night, address its humble prayer—you, the dawn that comes before the Sun and the auspicious herald of salvation. The torrent, whose evil waves sweep all mankind into the abyss, grows calm and its waters become smooth as the ark of the covenant passes over. While the rest of the earth is scorched and dried up, you alone ace wet with dew. Though the earth all around is wet with dew, you alone remain untouched. The ser— pent lifts up its head and empties out its deadly poison; but you, unscathed, crush the dragon's head and humble its pride. Be graciously mindful, Mother, of your suppliants' tears and prayers. As you triumphed over sin, preserve us from our enemies as we battle with them.


Omnis expertem maculae Mariam
edocet summus fidei magister;
Virginis gaudens celebrat fidelis
     terra triumphum.

Ipsa se praebens humili puellae
Virgo spectandam, recreat paventem,
seque conceptam sine labe sancto
     praedicat ore.

O specus felix, decorata divae
matris aspectu! veneranda rupes,
unde vitales scatuere pleno
     gurgite lymphae!

*Huc catervatim pia turba nostris,
huc ab externis peregrina terris
affuit supplex et opem potentis
     Virginis orat.

*Excipit mater lacrimas precantum,
donat optatam miseris salutem;
compos hinc voti patrias ad oras
     turba revertit.

Supplicum, Virgo, miserata casus,
semper o nostros refove labores,
impetrans maestis bona sempiternae
     gaudia vitae.

Sit decus Patri, genitaeque Proli,
et tibi, compar utriusque virtus,
Spiritus semper, Deus unus, omni
     temporis aevo.

The supreme teacher of the faith proclaims Mary to be free from all sin, and the faithful of the world celebrate in joyous song the praises of the Virgin's triumph. The Virgin presented herself before the eyes of the lowly Bernadette, reassured the frightened girl and from her holy lips came the words that she was conceived without sin. How happy the cave that was honored with the presence of God's mother! How worthy of man's veneration the rock from which living waters gushed forth in full Rood. To this place come, as in duty bound, large crowds of suppliants from our own land, and to it come suppliant pilgrim crowds from abroad. Here, French and foreigner alike, implore the mighty Virgin's help. Their Mother catches the tears that her suppliants shed and makes a gift to the afflicted of the peace of mind they desire. Then, their wish granted, the pilgrims return to their homes. In your compassion, Virgin, for the misfortunes of those that pray to you, bring us at all times help and comfort in our labors, and through your intercession obtain for us the happy gift of everlasting life.

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