Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BEATÆ MARIÆ VIRGINIS REGINÆ: Ad Laudes matutinas: saec. IX

In the  Breviarium Sacri Ordinis Cisterciensis this hymn was sung at Terce on all solemnities of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It is interesting that this hymn appears in the Liturgica horarm for the memorial of the Queenship of Mary not because in it Mary is called a ‘queen’ but solely because of the reference to her Davidic descent.

O quam glorífica luce corúscas,
stirpis Davídicæ régia proles,
sublímis résidens, virgo María,
supra cælígenas ætheris omnes.

Tu, cum virgíneo mater honóre,
cælórum Dómino péctoris aulam
sacris viscéribus casta parásti;
natus hinc Deus est córpore Christus:

Quem cunctus vénerans orbis adórat,
cui nunc rite genu fléctitur omne,
a quo te pétimus subveniénte
abiéctis ténebris gáudia lucis.

Hoc largíre, Pater lúminis omnis,
Natum per próprium, Flámine Sancto,
qui tecum nítida vivit in æthra
regnans ac móderans sæcula cuncta. Amen.

O with what glorious light you shine, royal offspring of the branch of David, enthroned on high, O Virgin Mary, over all the heavenly born. You, a mother honored with virginity, your heart a palace for the Lord of heaven, you prepared a place for him within your holy womb, there God-Christ was born in a body. He whom all the world worships and adores. Before whom every knee is rightly bended, from whom, we ask you that you dispel the darkness with the joy of light. Grant this, O Father of all light, through your Son in the Holy Spirit, who with you lives in heavenly brightness, ruling and governing all things. Amen.

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