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Durham Hymnal: Maria, caeli regina

Durham Hymnal: Maria, caeli regina

Mifull: ‘apparently intended for the Assumption … and for Candlemas… not found outside Anglo-Saxon England, a related one is printed in AH 23, no. 121, p. 78 from Munich’.

Maria, celi regIna
sanctitate gloriosa,
audi preces famulorum
& deprecare dominum,

Qui totum mundum condidit,
in re formatus extitit,
quem totus mundus non capit
In tuo ventre iacuit.

Hunc nobis nasci profuit;
a morte nos eripuit,
pro nobis ipse mortuus
& nos per ipsum vivimus.

Mary, queen of heaven, glorious in holiness, hear the prayers of your servants and pray to the Lord.  He who created the whole world was formed and existed within you, he whom the whole world could not contain, lay in your womb. It is good for us that he was born, he delivered us from death, he died  that we might live through him.

Munich: Staatsbibliotek, clm 14926 (s. xv), from Sankt Emmeram, Regensburg

De beata Maria V.

In Sabbato

Maria, coeli regia,
Ad te clamantes adjuva,
Audi preces miserorum
Et deprecare Dominum.

Qui a te nasci voluit
Et nos a morte eruit.
Pro nobis ipse mortuus.
Et nos per ipsum vivimus.

Memento, salutis auctor,
Nostri quod olim corporis
Ex illibata virgine
Nascendo formam sumpseris.

Maria, mater gratiae,
Mater misericordiae,
Tu nos ab hoste protege
Et hora mortis suscipe.

5. Gloria tibi, Domine.

Mary, queen of heaven, to you we cry for help, hear the prayers of the wretched and pray to the Lord. He who willed to be born from you and delivered us from death, he died for us that we might live through him. Remember, author of our salvation, that once by being born you took the form of our body from the spotless virgin. Mary, Mother of grace, Mother of mercy, protect us from the enemy and receive us at the hour of our death.

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