Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BEATÆ MARIÆ VIRGINIS REGINÆ: Ad Officium lectionis: Victorius Genovesi

Vittorio Genovesi (1887-1967) was a Jesuit priest, who won three times the golden medal  poeticum Hoeufftianum – Latin poetry contest.

Rerum suprémo in vértice
regína, Virgo, sísteris,
exuberánter ómnium
ditáta pulchritúdine.

Princeps opus tu cétera
inter creáta prænites,
prædestináta Fílium,
qui prótulit te, gígnere.

Ut Christus alta ab árbore
rex purpurátus sánguine,
sic passiónis párticeps
tu mater es vivéntium.

Tantis decóra láudibus,
ad nos ovántes réspice,
tibíque sume grátulans
quod fúndimus præcónium.

Patri sit et Paráclito
tuóque Nato glória,
qui veste te mirábili
circumdedérunt grátiæ. Amen.

You are enthroned at the highest summit of all, O Virgin Queen, enriched with beauty more abundantly than all.  Preeminent in your work you outshine all other creatures, predestined to give birth to the Son, who brought you forth. As Christ high upon the tree was a King stained royal purple by his blood,  so  you are the Mother of all the living by sharing in his passion. Decked with such high praises, behold us who celebrate you, and gladly receive the lauds we pour out to you. To the Father and Paraclete and to you, the Son, glory, who wondrously adorned and surrounded you with grace. Amen.

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