Thursday, December 6, 2018

St. Ambrose: Lauds: Almateo 16th Century

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Fortem piúmque præsulem
canámus omnes, túrbidas
qui fluctuántis sæculi
terris procéllas éxpulit.

Non sceptra concússus timet,
non imperántem féminam,
templóque, clausis póstibus,
arcet cruéntum cæsarem.

Arcána sacræ páginæ
altus magíster éxplicat;
divína pandens dógmata,
mira nitet facúndia.

Fide ciénte spíritum,
præclára fundit cármina;
fide coæquans mártyres,
depréndit artus mártyrum.

Iam nunc furéntem tártari
lupum flagéllo súbmove;
sciéntiæ nos lúmine
fove, tuére iúgiter.

Sit Trinitáti glória,
quam, te rogánte próspere,
hymnis in aula cælica
laudémus usque in sæculum. Amen.

Let us all sing of the strong and holy prelate, who banished the unruly storms of the world which flowed over the earth. He did not fear the emperor’s scepter nor his impertinent wife and ejected the bloodthirsty Caesar from the temple, closing the doors. The lofty master explained the hidden things of Holy Scripture, revealing divine teaching, he glowed with wondrous eloquence. When faith aroused his spirit, he poured forth renowned hymns; by faith equal to the martyrs he gathered their relics. Now, O Ambrose,  drive away with a blow the furious wolf of hell; ever cherish and watch over us with the light of knowledge.  Glory be to the Trinity, whom, with your generous prayer, let us praise with hymns in the heavenly courts forever. Amen.

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