Monday, September 9, 2019


Ad Laudes matutinas et Vesperas: novus

Laude te cives súperi corónant,
magne Ioánnes, sociúsque noster
iúngitur cantus, generóse præsul,
  celse magíster.

Aureo profers veheménter ore
verba quæ dives facilísque amóris
vena progígnit, fériunt vel acri
  vúlnere noxas.

Ipse virtútum spéculum nitéscis
ac tuæ plebi méritis corúscas,
ómnibus, Pauli velut æmulátor,
  ómnia factus.

Nemo te frangit, nihil imperántum
te domant iræ rutilæque honórem
óbtines palmæ venerándus exsul,
  péctore martyr.

Nunc tuis valde précibus iuvémur,
ut Dei sedem céleres petámus,
dúlcibus tecum sonitúri amóris
  vócibus hymnos. Amen.

The citizens of heaven crown you with praise, O great John, and our hymn is joined to theirs, O noble prelate, heavenly teacher. Speaking vigorously with your golden mouth the words, which richly and easily give birth to the flow of love, which even sharply wound our faults.  You yourself shine as a mirror of the virtues, radiant in merits for the sake of your people, you follow the example of Paul being made all things for all men. No one could break you, not imperial anger, nor the bribe of gold could overcome you, venerable in exile you obtain the palm of a martyr in heart. Now may we be so strongly aided by your prayers that we might hasten to seek the dwelling place of God, where in your company, we might sing with sweet voices hymns of love. Amen.

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