Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Singularis mater.
quia virgo semper.
mater et hac dei.
ad te clamant rei.

Ad te nos clamantes.
et te suspirantes
in districta causa
iuves aduocata.

Opem quodam modo
toti debes mundo.
quam velud ex iure
postulamus a te

Totum id honoris
nata es pro nobis.
ut sis vite porta
sicute mortis eva.

Ad hoc es creata.
ad hoc preelecta;
causam recognosce
et effectum comple.

Mundo debes opem.
mundus tibi laudem;
spes post deum nostra.
nobis deum placa.

Singular Mother, because ever-virgin, Mother of God at that, the guilty cry to you. To we cry and to you we sigh, in difficult cases you aid us as our advocate. You are bound to bring help to the whole world, when we as if by right ask of you. This is your honor:  you were born for us, that you might be the gate of life, just as Eve was the gate of death. For this you were created, for this predestined, know the cause and fulfill the effect. You owe aid to the world, the world owes you praise; our hope after God, you pleasing God in us.

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